Beach access bridge at sunset with painted fish mural and palm trees

Lona Loves Local Artists

Aptly named Lona - which translates to "canvas" in Spanish - our Fort Lauderdale restaurant never misses an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the area’s talented artists. Discover the colorful works of Ruben Ubiera and CoLette RueLette tucked all around our waterfront restaurant.

Collaboration Request

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Shortened view of painted fish mural bridge at sunset with palm trees on the beach
Under view of painted fish mural bridge on the beach with palm trees
Close up angle of painted fish mural bridge and Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort in background
Painted wall mural of Lona bandeta lady with rose and brick wall
Painted wall mural of agave plants and chef painting with a few tables and chairs
Painted wall mural that says tequilas comidas palomas sangre marias mezcal in red
Painted wall mural of mermaid and ocean

Local Artist Collaboration Request